Truffle Dog Hunt



All Year Round Truffle Hunts Above Ground

We are offering a rare behind the scenes opportunity ALL YEAR ROUND with the truffle detection dogs from Lawdogs Australia in their above ground truffle detection training centre.

Our current truffle dection canine is Conan.  Visitors can join the dog and handler team searching for an elusive truffle and share the same experience truffle farmers enjoy digging up one of the rare treats.

Truffle hunt experience is just $10 per person and should be booked in advance.

The trufferie is young at the moment and fresh truffles are only available in Winter from our clients so please note participation in our truffle hunt includes the following:

  • Meeting, patting and having photos with our truffle detection dog.
  • Working through the above ground training field with the handler and dog searching for a truffle.
  • Last season truffle will already be strategically hidden in the training field guaranteeing participants experience the thrill of the hunt and enjoy digging up a truffle by hand.
  • Finding, holding, smelling a Stanthorpe grown French Black Truffle.
  • Learning about commercial operations, grading, cleaning, using truffles.
  • The essential ‘selfie’ holding a French Black Perigord truffle grown right here in Stanthorpe.

Book tickets for our truffle hunt – call directly on 0467 255 337.