The decadent winter truffles including French Black Perigord and White Italian are a delicacy only available during winter months around the world.

The truffled products provide a truffle flavour enjoyed all year round in cooking.  These products can be used in variety of ways to add flair to almost any savoury dish.  Usually only a few drops, small drizzle or spray is needed however every palate is different so adjust to individual taste.

The Truffle Discovery Centre support Australian producers with products from Great Southern Truffles, Stonebarn and Ogilvie and Co as well as imported lines such as Truff from America and Opera from Italy.

As well as our range below we also have a refrigerated range which can often be delivered to Brisbane and Gold Coast directly.  This includes truffled brie, truffled cheddar, truffled salsa, truffled mayo and truffled butter.  Please call 0467 255 337 to organise payment and delivery.

Reseller, Wholesale and Food Service inquiries – 0467 255 337

Simple Truffle Secrets –

  •  Truffle oil works magic with just a small drizzle in mashed potato, soups, stocks, stews or meat fillings, rice and risottos.
  • A spray of truffle oil will enhance many dishes including popcorn, salads , pasta and roast vegetables.
  • Truffle oil can be sprayed on pizza as a finishing flavour or salsa used in the sauce.
  • White truffle oil works especially well with roast meats especially chicken and duck or with dipping breads and dukkha.
  • Try truffle infused honey and our balsamic glaze over strong cheeses such as Blue, Brie and Smoked Cheddar or with dipping breads.

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